Camden Vanderbilt Security Issues Raise Concerns

Apartment review sites have been buzzing lately about Camden Vanderbilt’s inability to secure their property. 

Residents have growing concerns about the numerous apartment break-ins and vehicle burglaries.  Many residents have had their doors kicked in and others have had their vehicles left on blocks.

One resident pointed out that the screws used in the deadbolts are half inch screws instead of the recommended three inch screws.  Management responded with the usual “we understand your frustrations” and then quickly put the blame back on the residents rather than take any responsibility for their property.

“We cannot prevent crime and we cannot supply you with a crime free environment.” said Cindy Dahl, Community Manager “We supply everyone with an intrusion alarm in every unit. It is up to our customer should they choose to use the alarm system.”

This is a very typical response from this manager.  She never takes responsibility for anything negative on the property and always finds a way to push the blame. 

An alarm system does not prevent someone from kicking in your door.  It just makes it the last door they kick in before they take off.  So by activating your alarm, you’re possibly keeping your neighbor from having their door kicked in.

My only advice for the current residents, of what I consider the most poorly managed property in Houston, would be to hold Camden accountable and fight for the security and safety that you deserve. 

Apparently, Camden Vanderbilt collects over $1 million in rent each month.  As one reviewer commented, they need to reinvest some of that money into the safety and security of their residents.