Camden Vanderbilt Uses Bogus Reviews to Boost Approval Ratings

In typical Camden Vanderbilt fashion, when there is a problem, instead of fixing it professionally they choose to take the easy way out and just skate around it. 

Camden Vanderbilt has consistently, over the past two years, received awful reviews online from former and current residents.  Their recommendation percentage had fallen to as low as 29%.

Instead of saying “what can we do to improve our customer satisfaction?,” they chose to take an easier route and just skew the rankings.  In two weeks, 30 people have posted positive reviews, all anonymously. 

Let’s think for a moment about the review sites and why someone would actually post a review.  Most of the time it’s going to be for one of two reasons.  Either they had an awful experience and want to make their issue known.  Or, they had an extremely positive experience and want to show their gratitude.  Very rarely will someone outside of these two extremes take the time to register for a review site and post a review.

Now let’s look at the most recent string of reviews (most of which oddly enough happened on one day). 

On October 30, 2012, an anonymous resident posted “I think it is a nice place.”  Recommended: YES

Seems like if you were going to spend the time to register for a review site, you would post something more than “I think it is a nice place.”

Also on October 30, 2012, and also from an anonymous resident, “There are a few occurrences where tires were stolen off vehicles in the parking lot. Didn’t seem to have much impact on management.”  Recommended: YES

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that they took the time to register for the review site, posted a negative comment, but still recommended the property?  Again, if you are legitimately posting a review, it’s more than likely because you’ve had a positive or negative experience.  Very rarely would someone neutral take the time to post a review without some sort of incentive.

Also on October 30, 2012, and also from an anonymous resident, “Great community!”  Recommended: YES

It seems like if this was such a “great community” you would have some reason behind the comment.  The reviewer couldn’t share one reason why the place is great, but still took the time to post a review.

So what is it Camden?  Are you giving a discount on rent for people that recommend you?  Or are you fooling people into filling out “internal surveys” that then get put onto the review sites as “verified residents?” You succeeded in boosting your recommendation rating from 29% to 54%, but don’t think that I’m going to let that fool innocent people that may be considering moving to your property.

I created for a reason.  That is to keep people from getting completely hosed like we did.  I will not let you get away with your sneaky tactics. 

Posting fake reviews and giving incentives for people to post bogus reviews might work for you to boost your numbers, but I WILL make sure that people know the truth.

The website continues to grow and I continue to get emails from people who were taken for a ride by Camden.  They’re helping to get the truth out and I will continue to do the same.