Camden Security

Camden Vanderbilt’s security is an absolute joke. They claim to have surveillance cameras, and they may, but they do not work. I get complaints on my website,, constantly about vehicles getting their wheels stolen from the Camden property. There is something seriously sketchy about this.

First off, if this happens more than once, Camden has fundamentally failed their residents by not providing proper security. When it happens consistently, this is a sign that Camden simply does not care.

If someone is stealing tires, they should not be able to exit the property without being seen by surveillance cameras. To leave the property, they either have to exit one of the gates or jump a fairly tall fence. I can’t imagine going over the fence with four tires would be a quick or easy task, so I’m assuming they are using the gate.

Common sense would tell you to look at the video and see which cars came in and out that are not residents. My first guess would be a truck since you can’t exactly throw four tires into the trunk of a car. But this would make way too much sense and Camden’s manager is too busy planning pool parties and yoga classes.

The second main issue is the on-going gate issues that Camden has had for the past several years. Why are the gates always broken? The gate at my current residence has been broken once in the past year and a half and was fixed within the day. Why does Camden have so much trouble keeping their gates functioning properly?

The bottom line is that Camden Vanderbilt simply sucks. The management is worthless and does not care about the residence. They have built a business based on turnover. They know that new residents are more willing to overlook the little things because they are still excited about their new apartment with the beautiful lakes. Once the newness wears off and they start to see the troubling side of Camden, management wants nothing to do with them and will raise their rent to push them out.

Don’t be fooled by the lakes and the smiling faces at Camden. The good is short-lived and you will very soon come to regret your decision to sign that lease.