United Breaks Guitars

If you haven’t seen United Breaks Guitars, it’s exactly why I created www.CamdenVanderbiltSucks.com

United Breaks Guitars is a video that has been seen by almost 12 million people and was made because Dave Carroll was given the run-around by United Airlines after they broke his guitar.  After almost a year of giving United a chance to do the right thing and pay for the damage they caused, Dave had enough.

My story with Camden is exactly the same.  Camden has been giving us the run-around for over a year now about maintenance issues in our apartment.  It took 10 months and several calls to Camden corporate to get the Camden Vanderbilt manager, Cindy Dahl, to acknowlege our foundation issues that we had reported four times.

Despite acknowleging the issue and making insincere apologies, nothing has been done to correct the issues with our apartment.  I’ve contacted corporate to let them know that the property manager is not doing a good job, giving them the opportunity to correct the problem, but still nothing.

Now it’s time to teach them a lesson like Dave Carroll did to United.  So my goal is to tell the world (starting with Houston) how bad Camden is and keep as many people as I can from making the mistake that we made….signing a lease with Camden.

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Camden Vanderbilt Review Blog

Looking for a new apartment in Houston?  Get the facts before you make a decision.  My experience with Camden Vanderbilt was so bad that I have made the decision to do everything I can to make sure no one else goes through the headaches that we have in the past year.

Get the facts about Camden at www.CamdenVanderbiltSucks.com.